With free shipping to offer, treat yourself or a loved one to the complete Dolce Collection Bundle.

Each candle has approx. 48 hours of burn time.

Stands 10 cm high and is 8.5cm across.

Receive one of each of our beloved candles.


Crema di Cocco

Experience a vibrant and exotic blend of Coconut and Island Fruits.
This tropical cocktail with a rich creamy finish brings an element of liveliness through its uplifting, long lasting aroma.

Cioccolato e Caffè

The irresistible combination of both coffee & Chocolate creates an aromatic delight.

As though you were about to indulge in a Tiramisu in the heart of
Italy, this indulgent fragrance will carry you there in a heartbeat,
whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Crema di Fragole

A sumptuously sweet & fruity fragrance which evokes a pleasant yet calming aroma.
This summery delight with take you on a fragrant journey; with great notes of Creamy Vanilla and delicious Strawberries – as though you were venturing through the Fresh Strawberry fields at harvest.

La Crema

This fragrance is a delightful treat perfect for those with an overly sweet tooth.

With edible notes of Sweet Caramel, Creamy Vanilla & Caramelized Sugar, this candle boasts both richness and boldness through its mouth watering flavours.

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